24 oktober 2007

Interesting food day

It has been a long and fruitful day in many ways. Intersting meetings and some new contacts made in the exhibition area. But what I will remember from today is not the exhibition CTIA, but rather the interesting food experiences I made during he day.

After a long morning run, I was pretty hungry, so we went to a typical american restaurant where I ordered a Lumberjack meal (only that should have scared me off, but I was so hungry ;). They played american classics like 'Rock around the clock' and other old goodies. I actually managed to finish the Lumberjack meal, which was basically one big steak of ham with fried potatoes one one of the plates, and two fried eggs with two big, thick panncakes and honey on the the other one. I was so full for several hours so I only had a smoothie for lunch.

Tonight I went to a place called Sushi Boat. The name was fitting, because you sat around a bar disc with the chefs working in the middle, putting small plates of different kinds of sushi on small boats that floated round and round. So once you saw something that looked good you just grabbed it quickly from one of the boats. I had 6 differerent small plates. That was great fun, there was just one thing missing ;( SARA!!!

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