13 augusti 2009

Karlskrona triathlon

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Diego Santamaría sa...

I cannot go!! i was looking 4ward to be there but I have to go to my best friend´s sister on the 29th... So all my plans to visit karlskrona in August are gone.. Hope next year I will be there! I will try then to follow ur tail :D

Christian sa...

Too bad, I was hoping to get another match against you. Would be nice to get the chance to race or train with you some day.

Diego Santamaría sa...

I forgot the word... I´m going to my best friend´s sister WEDDING...

train with you.. yes, maybe I can learn sth about running too fast :D
I think u improved too much 4 me... I would have make a huge effort in the bike to try to get some extra time... and then u will win me in the running part.. :'(
Not fair :D Good luck in the race.

Anyway, next year I will try to be there. At least just the weekend. We will see.

Maybe I´ll be in Kalmar IM soon ... who knows. It´s a cheap one, but first stop Frankfurt IM. Then we will see if I can get used to this loooong distances..