21 oktober 2007

First day in San Fransisco

Arrived to San Fransisco after 23 hours of travelling yesterday night. After a quick shower I found something to eat, and then I got stuck in the Virgin Megastore for an hour until they closed. Even though I had been up (except for a few hours of sleep on the plane) for 27 hours I wasn´t that tired.

This morning I went for breakfast at Union square, where they obviously had had the start of a Nike Marathon earlier this morning. Unfortunately the finish was not at the same place so I never got to see any runners ;( There was a huge Niketown next to the square, 4 levels of Nike stuff, where I probably spent 1 hour, even though I didn´t buy anything.

After my Nike stroll I walked for a while over to Chinatown, where I spent a few hours walking around. Compared to Chinatown in Bangkok it felt very spacious and clean, but still the same feeling and the same strange smells :)

Later today I´m gonna go for a long run through a big park leading up to the Golden Gate bridge. More nice photos to come from that later.

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